FooBaSKILL® rules

The particularity of FooBaSKILL is the change from lower body work (football) to upper body work (basketball), and viceversa. Players switch discipline at the midline of the field. There are three ways to score points in football and basketball, varying according to the difficulty of scoring The basic rules are almost similar to those of football and basketball.

Half of the field is equipped with two FooBaSKILL goals (FooSKILL side). In the other half, there is a basketball basket (BaSKILL side). The center line must be visible on the floor. During the first and third time, a team attacks the football goals and defends the basketball basket. Then in the second and fourth time, the teams switch roles. 
Game duration: 4 x 10 minutes.

The FooBaSKILL has the great advantage of being flexible and adjustable, so you’ll find different rules to download. The English version 2.0 (2024 update) is under development, so for now, I have put the French 2022 version. (version 2.0, update 2024)

FooBaSKILL/ manual

To make it easier to play FooBaSKILL, a practical FooBaSKILL manual was written in 2017 in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Office of Sport and Mobilesport. It can be downloaded free of charge.

You will find all the information you need to understand the game. There are also some available lessons for you to teach FooBaSKILL during your physical education lessons or training sessions.