The FooBaSKILL team organises training courses for teachers, sports clubs or other organisations. Its aim is to share the learning keys that are indispensable for the introduction and development of FooBaSKILL.

First of all, it is about familiarizing non-experts with the practice of this activity. Then, methodological approaches will be provided to maximize the attendees’ participation in the activity. People already familiar with FooBaSKILL will receive strategies for its optimal practice in all aspects.

What strategy(s) should be adopted to make FooBaSKILL attractive? How to adapt the rules according to the level of the class? How to conduct a successful lesson with a large number of players? These are questions to which the training will propose concrete solutions.

The complete training lasts three hours and requires only a gymnasium with basketball baskets. Balls, SKILLGoals and other material are provided by the FooBaSKILL team.

If you are interested in attending a future session or organising a training course, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.