The SKILLTheBall THE ORIGINAL has the great particularity of being a multifunctional ball because it allows to play football or basketball according to the wishes of the teacher or the player (the smooth texture of football and the rough texture of basketball are an integral part of the ball). Only one ball is necessary to pass from feet to hands and to work on coordination with specific exercises or through the FooBaSKILL.
The materials, weight and size have been carefully chosen to allow optimal use in both sports and maximize the quality of rebound and shooting.

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Features of SKILLTheBall THE ORIGINAL :

  • Size 5 (weight: 420-440 grams, recommended age: 12 years and over)
  • Multifunctional ball
  • Ball composed of 8 basketball panels (rough texture) and 12 football panels (smooth texture)
  • The turquoise colour symbolises basketball, white represents the centre line of the play field and the burgundy colour designates football
  • International Patent deposit SKILLTheBall nºWO2017145085

USE INSTRUCTIONS:: The SKILLTheBALL must be inflated according to the instructions printed on it: 0.33 – 0.36 bar / 4.8 -5.2 psi.