LThe SKILLGoal is a multifunctional goal. It was developed for the practice of FooBaSKILL, but its particularity is that it can also be used for many other sport activities (football, unihockey, precision games, etc). Click here to download the exercise document for the SKILLGoal

Features of the SKILLGoal:

  • Multifunctional goal
  • Dimension : 550 x 980 MM
  • Floating net that permits to score on both sides
  • Quick set-up on gymnastics boxes or other supports with 3 adjustable belts
  • For use indoor and outdoor (non-slip underfeet)
  • Lightweight (aluminum)
  • Easy to store (removable feet)
  • International patent deposit SKILLGoal nºWO2018134728


If the SKILLGoal is placed on a gymnastics boxor other support, it is essential that an adult fix it with the belts provided to prevent that it falls off. The belts must be adjusted and stretched as much as possible to hold the goal on the support in a motionless manner. Click here to view how to assemble the goal